Brybelly 1000-Count Coin Inlay Poker Chip Set in Rolling Aluminum Case, 15gm


This set of 1,000 Coin Inlay Poker Chips with a rolling aluminum case is unlike any other poker chip set you’ve seen. Each chip weighs an impressive 15 grams. The metal inlay inside the chip reads “Casino” at the top and “Las Vegas” at the bottom.

In the middle of the inlay is the denomination with the card suits on either side. Each denomination has its own color. This metal inlay style of chip is still popular in many Las Vegas casinos today. The sharp look of these unique chips is enough to set them apart from most, but the feel is what really puts them over the top. The soft feel and great shuffle of these chips makes your home game feel a bit more like Las Vegas. These are clay composite poker chips.

The rolling aluminum case is ideal for easily transporting your chip set to and from poker games. Each set comes with a dealer button, six dice and three decks of standard playing cards. The set breakout includes 300 $1, 200 $5, 200 $25, 200 $100, 50 $500 and 50 $1000.
1,000 count Coin Inlay poker chip set in rolling aluminum case
Rolling case makes transporting chips from poker games easy and convenient
Each chip weighs 15 grams
Includes 6 dice, 3 decks of cards and a dealer chip
Breakout includes 300 $1, 200 $5, 200 $25, 200 $100, 50 $500 and 50 $1000


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