Lot of 10 Smoke-Colored, Slide Under Plastic Cup Holders by Brybelly


If your poker table doesn’t have spaces for cup holders, this set of 10 slide-under, smoke-colored, plastic cup holders is the perfect solution.Not only will players have a place to store their drinks, but you will decrease the chances of spills and unwanted stains on your table. This cup holder is also ideal for holding keys, cell phones and other items during the game. The item measures 5 3/8 inches long with an inside diameter of 2.75 inches. Each holder is 2.5 inches deep. Add a touch of class to your next game night with these slide-under cup holders.
Set of 10 smoke-colored, slide-under plastic cup holders
Measures 5 3/8 inches long
Inside diameter is 2.75 inches
Each cup holder is 2.5 inches deep
Great for holding keys, cell phones or drinks


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