Set of 500 Monte Carlo 3-Tone 14 Gram Poker Chips with Aluminum Case by Brybelly


Bring the look and feel of the casino card room to your home game. Weighing in at a beefy 14 grams and molded from a hardy clay composite, these chips feel great shuffling, stacking, and sliding across the table felt. A unique and attractive edge design surrounds a glossy inlay that displays the denomination of each chip and the words Monte Carlo Poker Club. The inlay is ringed by a dazzling laser graphic strip that makes these chips sparkle and shine. Eye-catching and classy, these chips are sure to leave an impression.

What’s Included? Everything You Need

You will receive one aluminum case with snap closures and a carry handle that will fit exactly 500 Monte Carlo 14 gram chips. In addition you’ll fine 2 decks of standard playing cards and a dealer button. Everything you need for a game of poker, minus the table.

The denominations of the chips are as follows:
$1 – 150 white/blue
$5 – 100 red/yellow
$25 – 100 green/yellow
$100 – 100 black/yellow
$500 – 25 purple/gray
$1000 – 25 yellow/red

Play poker with the look and feel of real casino chips
Weighing in at 14 grams, these are heavyweight clay composite chips
Each chip features a glossy inlay with an eye-catching laser graphic ring
Vibrant colors and large index values are easy to tell apart in the pot
Includes an aluminum case with snap closures and carry handle, plus a dealer button and two decks of cards


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