Trademark 10-3020-set Craps Set – All The Pieces To Play Now Craps Set, Multi


“A complete set to play CRAPS! Bring some casino excitement to your next party! This Craps set includes everything you need to play the game at home! You get the 36″” X 72″” felt layout, 5 authentic dice, a 35″” dice stick, a professional ON/OFF puck, and 200 11.5g chips! Layout can be easily attached to a board, or used as a temporary set-up. A great way to practice before you head out to the casino! ”
Includes one professional puck – ON is printed on one side, OFF is printed on the other
Includes 36″x72″ felt layout
Includes 5 authentic dice
Includes 200 11.5g chips
Inlcudes 35″ dice stick
36″ X 72″ felt layout
5 authentic dice
35″ dice stick, a professional ON/OFF puck and 200 11.5g chips


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