Popular Types of Poker Table Cloths

The type of poker table cloth you choose for your poker table can make a big difference for the overall aspect of this table so pay attention to the various types that exist out there while considering a few of the popular ones:

  • The Suited Waterproof Stalwart table cloth is made of felt with patterns representing the four cards suites. The best thing about this cloth is that you don’t get the table stained because of the spills that players accidentally make. It comes in various choices of colours and this is another feature that can blend with the room décor where the table is placed.
  • The Speed cloth represents a type of cloth that allows the cards to glide over the poker table surface without getting stuck in a part of the cloth flipping over to reveal itself in front of the players. It is also waterproof.
  • The casino grade single colour cloth comes as a choice for the poker table owners who want to imprint the table a more professional look. The usual colours to come with this type of cloth are: blue, green and red.

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