10 Foot Section of Green Polyester Speed Cloth. Great for Any Poker Table Build!


This is casino grade olive green speed cloth in a Diamond Suit Pattern. This is our 100% Polyester speed cloth which is made for ultra efficient dealing! It is used for high quality poker tables and black jack tables. Speed Cloth is the preferred dealing surface for professional dealers. Cards slide with ease when dealing on Speed cloth (especially made from 100% Polyester). The sharp suited diamond design will give your custom built poker table the look and feel that you have always wanted.

This cloth is 60 Inches Wide and 10 Ft Long. This section is long enough and wide enough to fit almost any poker table.

The advantages of our 100% Polyester speed cloth is that it is water resistant and helps prevent those pesky poker night stains!
Suited Diamond Pattern Design
Preferred Dealing Surface
Bright Green
Extremely Durable and Long Lasting
Made for Speedy Ultra Efficient Dealing


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