1000 Clay 11.5gr Desert Palace Poker Chips Custom Set


Desert Palace Chips: These chips are 11.5 grams of clay composite materials. They are extremely durable and long lasting. They feature a casino quality foil stamping, a decorative dice mold around the edge of the chip, and 16 different denominations. The denominations and colors are: $.05 Burgundy $0.10 Gray $0.25 Blue $0.50 Yellow $1.00 White $2.50 Pink $5.00 Red $10.00 Purple $25.00 Green $100.00 Black $500.00 Orange $1000.00 Brown $5000.00 Light Blue $10,000.00 White $25,000.00 Yellow $50,000.00 Blue
1,000 Desert Palace chips
Custom breakdown from the 16 available denominations!
Please supply your breakdown at time of payment.
1 aluminum locking case with 2 keys
2 used real casino decks


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