500 14g Dollar High Roller Casino Poker Chips Set Model LAS VEGAS With Aluminum Case


Our Poker chips GUARANTEED to have the BEST Cast Mold. These superb 14 gram clay chips are available in 7 denominations. Each chip has a full color image PVC sticker that heat transferred onto it makes its impossible to peel off. They are 39 mm diameter Professional weight & size Casino chips. 14 grams in weight, they are produced from clay materials that gives them the weight & feel of a heavy casino quality chip. Our Case has the highest quality on the market very rigid and made out of Aluminum with Chrome plated corners and handle. Set Includes •500 14g CLAY Poker Chips with laser color effect design, feel like real casino chips •Aluminum Case •2 decks of PLASTIC cards with case •5 casino red Dice •1 Deluxe Dealer Button, Big and Little Blinds Chips Denominations •150 White Chips .. $1 •100 Red Chips .. $5 •100 Blue Chips .. $10 •50 Green Chips .. $25 •50 Black Chips .. $100 •25 Purple Chips .. $500 •25 Yellow Chips .. $1000
This is our 14 Gram Heavy Weighted poker chip Set with Aluminum case. This is a laser Graphic poker chip which means it will sparkle when you use it in your game. This items ships in a 500 ct aluminum case. This set features Ultra Heavy Casino graded poker chips.
14 Gram Heavy Weight Poker Chips
Casino Grade Clay Composite
Includes: 150 $1, 100 $5, 100 $10, 50 $25, 50 $100, 25 $500, 25 $1000
Includes 500 Ct Aluminum Case


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