84 x 42inch Black Suited Speed Cloth Poker Table


This black speed cloth poker table with 10 Stainless Steel Cup Holders is sure to be a hit at your next game night.

The unique playing surface is made from casino-grade, black diamond- suited polyester speed cloth. Polyester is the perfect speed cloth material given its durable and versatile qualities. Polyester is used for high quality poker tables and black jack tables. Speed cloth is the preferred dealing surface for professional dealers because cards slide with ease. The sharp suited diamond design will give your custom built poker table the look and feel that you have always wanted.

Ten stainless steel, drop-in cup holders are built around the edge of the table rail. These cup holders are perfect because not only will players have a place to store their drinks, but you will decrease the chances of spills and unwanted stains on your table. These cup holders are also ideal for holding keys, cell phones and other items during the game. Durable and rust proof, each cup holder measures 3 3/16 inches in diameter and is 2 5/16 inches tall.

This poker table measures 7 feet long, 3.5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet tall. The legs easily collapse for convenient storage when not in use. The padded vinyl railing ensures a comfortable and stylish game.

This table is sturdy and ready for your home game, tournament, casino night, special event and more! This table is fully assembled upon delivery and ready for play. Just unfold, extend the metal folding legs, stand the table upright, and deal the cards!

The weight listed is the “dimensional weight” and not its actual weight. PLEASE NOTE – This item does not qualify for same day shipping due to the special handling required because of the size of the item. This item typically ships out within two business days of purchase.


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