Box of 12 Blue Cubes of Pool Cue Chalk by Felson Billiard Supplies


Help improve your pool game with this 12 pack of blue pool cue chalk from Felson Billiard Supplies. High quality and affordable, this chalk coats the tip of any pool cue, griping it for a more precise shot.

Reliable and sustainable, this cube-shaped chalk is sold in a pack of 12. Whether you play pool for fun, or participate in professional tournaments, pool chalk is designed to help prevent a “miscue,” which occurs when the cue slips off the ball.

Known for its superior quality and performance, Felson chalk is the best on the market. This 12-piece set is an essential accessory for any billiards enthusiast. This blue chalk coats pool cue tips smoothly and evenly.

Felson Billiard Supplies are known for their sustainability and high-quality performance. Felson pool cue chalk is perfect for gifts, giveaways at tournaments, or for home gaming use. Step up your game with this set of 12 blue cubes of pool chalk today!
12 pack of blue cube pool cue chalk from Felson Billiard Supplies
Coats pool cue tips smoothly and evenly
Superior quality, helps achieve a more precise shot
Reliable and sustainable, great for home game use or tournaments
Must-have billiards accessory


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