Brybelly 500 Count Eclipse Poker Chip Set – Padded Aluminum Case – Heavyweight 14 Gram Chips


Make your poker nights more exciting with the Eclipse Poker Chip Set!

Go all in when you play any gambling card game, as this set comes with two decks of playing cards that you can use right away. All of the chips weigh 14 grams for a premium and authentic casino feel. You don’t want to be playing with cheap chips that make you look like a chump! The chips’ textured inlays make stacking them a breeze, even when you’ve got a mountain to manage. The chip denominations are easy to read even from afar, thanks to their clear printing and white color. A dealer’s button is also included to round out the set.

The Eclipse Poker Set comes in a compact aluminum case that you can carry anywhere. It has a unique locking system that can securely hold all the contents while they’re not in use. Foam padding protects the chips and cards from damage while keeping them in place when in transit. The denominations of this set also allow you to play with a wide variety of limits, perfect for any variation of poker!

The standard chip breakout is as follows:

$1 – 150 chips

$5 – 100 chips

$25 – 100 chips

$100 – 100 chips

$500 – 25 chips

$1000 – 25 chips

The Eclipse Poker Set comes with everything that a recreational poker player needs to experience the real deal. Watch the chips flow with this high-quality, casino-style set!

14G HEAVYWEIGHT CHIPS – These poker chips are made with premium quality materials for an authentic casino feel! Weighing 14 grams each, experience the thrill of high-stakes gambling at home.
COMES WITH PLAYING ESSENTIALS – This set comes with two decks of playing cards, perfect for games like poker and its many variants. A dealer’s button is also included for a more professional feel.
TEXTURED INLAY – A unique and simple textured chip inlay surrounds each denomination. This allows for easy stacking and highly readable visuals.
COMPACT PADDED ALUMINUM CASE – All pieces fit inside of the compact aluminum carrying case for your convenience. A padded foam interior and lock system keep all of the contents safe and secure during transport and storage.
COMPLETE CHIP BREAKOUT – This set comes with a wide variety of chip values, from $1 all the way up to $1000! The standard breakout amount is ideal for any poker game.


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