Brybelly 8 Deck Acrylic Baccarat Shoe with Handle and Lid


Are you a Baccarat buff? Lend your next game night a professional, distinctly Vegas feel with our high-capacity 8 deck dealer shoe. This is the shoe you want to buy for an authentic Baccarat experience. Our dealer shoe is currently the only shoe available on Amazon that features a handle to accommodate Baccarat’s unique rules and play style. Our Baccarat shoes are modeled after the equipment professional casinos use, and are constructed with premium, quarter inch clear acrylic with stylish black and white accents for maximum durability. The heavy, 3/4 pound steel roller features a rubber lining to keep your cards dealing smoothly. Once the cards are loaded, you just press gently on the top card and slide down-No need to stop the game to shuffle or reorganize a messy deck. To top it all off, the included lid slides securely into place with the help of three small magnets, which ensures a great fit and eliminates player tampering.
High-capacity 8 deck Baccarat dealer shoe with stylish black and white accents
Premium quarter inch thick clear acrylic with a solid, 4.5″ ergonomic handle for easy passing from player to player
Heavy 3/4 lb. steel roller with rubber lining for smooth and easy card dealing
Stylish lid secures with magnets to ensure a snug fit and eliminate player tampering
Also great for Blackjack, Hand & Foot, and other multi-deck card games


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