Brybelly Sure Stick Round Poker Table Layout with Rubber Grip Matting, Green, 54-Inch


This round, green Sure Stick Rubber Foam Table Top is the perfect alternative to an expensive poker table. Great for at-home gaming, Sure Stick allows you to have a smooth playing surface with minimal storage pace. Using precise printing techniques, a white ring around the edge of each layout separates the betting area from the player’s personal chip space. Unlike traditional felt layouts, Sure Stick won’t wrinkle or crease during the game. A rubber-lined bottom keeps the layout from slipping and sliding off the table. And best of all, when the game is over, Sure Stick playing surfaces can be rolled up and easily stored. This circular layout measures 54′ in diameter. It makes a great gift idea for any poker player and is a must-have accessory for any game room.
Round, green Sure Stick Rubber Foam Table Top
Great alternative to expensive poker tables
Smooth playing surface, easy storage
Measures 54 inches in diameter
Rubber-lined bottom prevents slipping and sliding


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