Casino Style Texas Hold’em Poker Chip Set 200 Pcs with Layout


200 Chip Set Includes Everything You Need To Get Your Poke Night Started. This is perfect to start playing poker and learning the game with friends. You will receive 5 different colored chips. White, Red, Blue, Green and Black These don’t have denominations so you can determine each value of the chip. You will also get a booklet to show you have to play the game of poker. You will also get dealer button, small blind and big blind along with playing cards. And you will also receive a layout so you can put the layout on top of any table and play.
200 Professional Poker Chips
Poker Gaming Mat or Layout
1 Dealer Button * 1 Bing Blind * 1 Small Blind Buttons
2 Decks of Playing Cards Along With Chip Rack and Intructions
Gift Boxed Complete Poker Chip Set


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