Claysmith Gaming 1000-Count ‘Rock & Roll’ Poker Chip Set in Acrylic case, 13.5gm


This is the 1,000 count “Rock & Roll” poker chip set from Claysmith Gaming. The chips are housed in a clear acrylic carrier with 10 acrylic chip trays. Each chip tray holds 100 chips.

The Rock & Roll inlay is set upon a Claysmith Gaming “gear wheel” molded poker chip. The Rock & Roll has four triangular edge spots surrounded by stick and edge markings.

The Rock & Roll inlay uses a detailed design that prominently features the chip denomination, along with dollar sign, at top. Underneath that, the words “Rock & Roll” are spelled out over a red and orange logo designed to look like a guitar. Each chip weighs approximately 13.5 grams and is made from clay composite materials.

This set includes 300 $1, 200 $5, 200 $25, 200 $100, 50 $500 and 50 $1,000 chips.
1,000 Rock & Roll poker chips in an acrylic carrier
Acrylic carrier contains 10 chip trays, each tray holds 100 chips
Chips weigh 13.5 grams each
Chips are made from clay composite materials
Includes 300 $1, 200 $5, 200 $25, 200 $100, 50 $500 and 50 $1,000 chips


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