Claysmith Gaming 1,000ct Poker Knights Poker Chip Set in Acrylic Carry Case, 13.5-gram Heavyweight Clay Composite by


Poker Knights for your Round Table

Your source for casino-grade poker chips with a nod to the Vegas of yesteryear, Claysmith Gaming has added three new chips to its roster. Say hello to our 3-color mold Poker Knights poker chips. Each Poker Knights chip is pressed with a handsome Sword & Spade mold and features Two-tone Block edge spots with a clean and regal inlay. Made with the same quality clay composite as other Claysmith chips like The Mint and Bluff Canyon, each Poker Knights chip weighs a heavy and substantial 13.5 grams and feels great to shuffle and stack.

This set of 1,000 Poker Knights chips comes packed in a hardy clear acrylic carry case that’s ideal for both display and gameplay. Each case includes 10 acrylic trays that hold 5 rows of 20 chips, keeping your investment organized and protected.

Set Breakout:

— 300 $1 White
— 200 $5 Red
— 200 $25 Forest Green
— 200 $100 Black
— 50 $500 Purple
— 50 $1,000 Yellow

1,000 casino-grade heavyweight poker chips in a protective acrylic carrying case
Breakout: 300 ($1), 200 ($5), 200 ($25), 200 ($100), 50 ($500), 50 ($1,000)
Bright and bold 3-color chips with colorful two-tone block edge spots and beefy 13.5-gram weight
Each chip is pressed with a regal Sword & Spade mold and features a handsome Poker Knights inlay
Included lid keeps chips secure and protected


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