Da Vinci Ruote, Italian 100% Plastic Playing Cards, 2-Deck Bride Size Set by Modiano, Jumbo Index


Da Vinci 100% plastic playing cards are imported from Italy and feature all the great features of KEM cards at a fraction of the price. Because they are made of plastic instead of paper, Da Vinci playing cards are meant to last up to 100 times longer than traditional playing cards. Da Vinci playing cards will not scratch, tear, or crease under normal playing conditions. Durable and washable, a properly cared for deck will last for years and years! This set includes 2 decks of Ruote (Bicycle wheel) design in the bridge size (2 1/4″ X 3 1/2″) and jumbo index.
Made in Italy
100% Plastic Washable Playing Cards
Lifetime warranty
Bridge Size (2 1/4″ X 3 1/2″) Jumbo Index Cards


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