EastPoint Sports 1-Piece Shorty Wood Billiard Cue, 48-Inch


Take your game to the next level with EastPoint Sports accessories! Designed for both casual and competitive players, the EastPoint Sports 1-Piece Shorty Wood Billiards Cue is the perfect piece of equipment to add to your billiards arsenal. It makes an excellent bridge stick and works well in tighter spaces, ensuring that nothing interferes with your shot. No more bumping walls or slipping out of your hand from longer, heavier cues! Weighing at 9.9oz, it also gives younger players a better option with something more suited to their size. With the sleek profile and hardwood construction of this cue, you’ll play your best with the best! Upgrade your billiards cue today!
Standard 48-inch 1-piece billiards cue
Comfortable for use in smaller or crowded spaces
Ideal alternative cue for use as a bridge stick
The hardwood grip has a cross-hatch pattern for better control
Compact form factor and light weight makes it great for younger players


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