Felson Billiard Supplies Shorty Pool Cue, 36-Inch Short Wooden Stick – Billiards Game Accessories


That’s My Cue!

Have you ever heard the old saying “enjoy the little things in life”, why not bring that nugget of knowledge to your pool game? The Shorty pool cue from Felson Billiard Supplies is perfect for small spaces and tight corners, or for kids just learning to play the game. Measuring 36 inches long, this durable wooden cue adheres to standard short stick dimensions. The high-quality hard leather tip measures 1 cm and is designed to provide hard shots despite the short length.

Why You’ll Love It:

These short pool cues are the short cue standard of 36-inches, making it easy to hang on a cue rack or put into storage. Being small in stature, they can be placed in storage bags or can be taken on the road to play with friends, at a billiards club, or pool house. You’ll find many uses for this pool cue as it makes lots of shots easier to pull off. The less weight and length the better when you are trying to break the balls at the beginning of the game, and you’ll notice these sticks come in handy when you’re playing in crowded billiard rooms and tight spaces. The shorty pool cue is also the perfect gift or accessory for children beginning to develop an interest in billiards.

THAT’S MY CUE: Shorty cues are perfect for tight spaces, making accurate shots, better breaking, or for children learning to play pool
36 INCH STICK: Add 36 inches of high-quality, durable wood to your stick arsenal
STRONG & CLEAN STROKES: 1 cm hard leather tip for strong shots. The less weight and length of your backhand, the cleaner the stroke
MAKE IT LAST: This Two-tone cue comes with a rubber end-cap to protect the cue when not in use
EASY PORTABILITY: Small size makes it convenient to hang on a cue rack, put into storage, or to take to a pool house


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