Lot of 10 Da Vinci Drop-In Stainless Steel Poker Table Jumbo Cup Holders (4″ Wide)


Lot of 10 stainless steel drop-in style poker or other casino table jumbo cup holders. Perfect as replacement part for your existing poker table or to install in a new game table you are building. The stainless steel material ensures a rust proof and durable cup holders that you can use for years to come. Each cup holder measures 4 inches in diameter and 2 3/8 inches tall. Wide enough to fit a large soda bottle, beer can, or larger glasses.
Lot of 10 jumbo stainless steel game table drop-in cup holders
Rust proof stainless steel
3.55 inch inside diameter, 2 3/8 inch tall, 4 inch outside lip diameter
Great for installing in poker or other game tables


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