OCR 13mm Soft Grey Cue Tips Billiard Replacement Screw-on Tips with Pool Cue Stick Ferrules Pack of 10 (13mm Soft Grey Tips Set)


Package Description:

This high quality billiard repalcement tips are great for making a quick repair during a game ,and it’s easy to repalce and install without glue needed. The screw-on tips and ferrules works great for billiard game and cue ball control.


Type: Soft

Color: Grey

Package includes:

10* Screw-on Pool Cue Tips

10* Screw-in Ferrules
Easy to repalce and install with the screw-in ferrules.
Set of ten brass screw-on replacement tips and screw-in ferrules.
13mm diameter soft billiard cue tips and ferrules.
Make a fast repair during a game with the screw-on cue tips and ferrules.
Great items for billiard game and cue ball control.


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