Pack of 50 Poker Knights Poker Chips, Heavyweight 13.5-gram Clay Composite by Claysmith Gaming


Poker Knights for your Round Table

Your source for casino-grade poker chips with a nod to the Vegas of yesteryear, Claysmith Gaming has added three new chips to its roster. Say hello to our 3-color mold Poker Knights poker chips. Each Poker Knights chip is pressed with a handsome Sword & Spade mold and features Two-tone Block edge spots with a clean and regal inlay.

Available in 12 colorful denominations from $0.25 all the way up to $25,000, these classic chips are great for cash games and tournaments alike. Made with the same quality clay composite as other Claysmith chips like The Mint and Bluff Canyon, each Poker Knights chip weighs a heavy and substantial 13.5 grams and feels great to shuffle and stack.

Wide range of twelve denominations from $0.25 to $25,000
Heavyweight 13.5-gram poker chips pressed in casino-grade clay composite that feels great to stack
Bright and bold 3-color chips with colorful two-tone block edge spots
Each chip is pressed with a regal Sword & Spade mold and features a handsome Poker Knights inlay
Perfect for switching between cash games and tournaments


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