Set of 4 Aska Pool Cue Sticks LEC, Canadian Hard Rock Maple, Black, Blue, Green, Red. 5/16×18 Joint, Black Nylon Wrap, Hard Long Lasting Le Pro Tip, Mixed Weights


SET of 4 Pool Cues Aska LEC4 pool cue sticks set, Canadian Hardrock Maple. You get all 4 cues (1 of each color) 1 x RED 1 x GREEN 1 x BLACK 1 x BLUE Hand Selected North American Hardrock maple forearm and sleeve. The cues features five coats of urethane to increase the cue’s scratch resistance. The design is complemented by nylon wrap and a rubber bumper.
One of Each – Black 21-Ounce, Blue 20-Ounce, Green 19-Ounce, Red 18-Ounce.
Cue length is 58″ (standard pool cue length)
13mm Hard Le Pro Glued On Tip, 5/16×18 Joint, ABS Ferrule
Black Nylon Wrap, Rubber Bumper, Mixed Weights. One of Each Weight – 18, 19, 20, 21oz
Shaft – Hardrock Canadian Maple 29″ (Standard Length)


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