Stick of 5 Red Precision Casino Razor Edge Craps Dice – Comes with 5 Standard Bonus Dice!


Our precision 19mm dice are manufactured under strict security controls and will pass any gaming commission’s test for accuracy and integrity. Our precision Dice have been approved for use in casinos around the world and United States. They will pass the strictest of standards. There are 5 dice per set and each die is serialized with matching numbers. This set of serial dice is brand new and has not yet been used in any casino setting. Precision casino dice are manufactured to exacting standards from high-quality plastic material that is free from any noticeable defects. The numbered spots are made flush to ensure there is no imbalance to the dice. Our precision dice are made with straight, sharp edges and corners. Only the highest of quality materials and machinery are able to achieve razor sharp corners and edges. It is these same pointed sharp corners and edges that ensure a randomized roll. Casinos choose serialized dice to monitor play time to ensure the corners remain sharp. The serial numbers also ensure security and prevent loaded dice from entering the game. Our precision dice sets include: – Foil wrapped – Professionally serialized – Accurate to .0001 – Transparent with razor edges – Flush spots in high polish finish – Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 19 mm You will receive a quantity of 5 Dice (one stick)!
Stick of 5 Red Precision Casino Razor Edge Craps Dice – Comes with 5 Standard Bonus Dice!
Same ones used in the casinos for Craps!
Accurate to .0001 and measure 3/4″ each
Transparent with razor edges.
Casino dice wrapped in gold foil – standard bonus dice not wrapped


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