TARGET DARTS Power 9Five Japanese Soft Tip Dart, 18gm


Introducing the undisputed world champion Phil The Power Taylor with 16 World Championship titles and 76 other major titles worldwide, Phil is known as the greatest dart player ever. Phil in conjunction with Targets team of designers collaborated to produce the finest range of darts ever seen. All of the Tungsten darts are produced from the highest quality tungsten billets available. The darts are produced on Japanese CNC lathes to exacting specifications, each dart is hand loaded and transported throughout the machining process to eliminate batch processing defects. Phil plays with Power 9Five’s, each dart is Machined from an ultra-dense 95 percent Tungsten billet, the dart is then hand loaded into a Japanese CNC lathe for its machining process, it is then milled to apply our unique patented Pixel Grip. Each Dart has 90 individually machined axial pixel cuts along the length of the dart to give the unique and unparalleled tactile grip. The dart is further enhanced with the application of Phi’s Azzurri blue titanium nitride coating to each of the Pixel cuts. The addition of the laser etched Power 9Five logo, Italian soft tip points the Titanium Power Shaft and Vision Edge flights complete a truly stunning dart.
Highest Density 95 percent Tungsten
Targets unique Patented Pixel cut machining technology
Azzurri Blue Titanium Nitride coating
Titanium Power Shaft with Replaceable Top and laser etched lightning logo
Laser Etched Power 95 logo


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