The Greenbacks – American Currency Themed Poker Chips!!


NOT just another set of poker chips! The Greenbacks™ are the first set of poker chips that truly appeal to everyone.

Why buy the same generic poker chips as everyone else? Inspired by historical American currency, The Greenbacks™ bring a familiar and exciting atmosphere to any game. The front of each chip honors the appearance of its inspiration featuring a centered portrait, dual serial numbers, year of issue, and even a Federal Reserve Code. The back of each chip prominently features the most iconic events, buildings, and symbols of America just as they are depicted on the real thing. Of course, The Greenbacks™ are not legal tender, but they do bring an authentic touch of American history to your table and your game.

The Greenbacks™ have a familiar design that is great for players of all ages. This introductory set comes complete with 200 4 gram full color poker chips, a custom printed case, and two decks of custom playing cards – everything needed to get the game started. The lightweight chips are great for travel, so take them with you wherever you go. The Greenbacks™ are a great learning tool for family games and math instruction, and forever remove the question of “What is this chip worth?”

The Greenbacks™ are a great gift for anyone – for your friends, for your family…..for yourself!

Each set contains the following breakout: 50 $1 chips, 50 $5 chips, 30 $20 chips, 30 $100 chips, 25 $500 chips, and 15 $1,000 chips.

Chip Artwork: $1 – George Washington/ Great Seal of The United States, $5 – Abraham Lincoln/ The Lincoln Memorial, $20 – Andrew Jackson/ The White House, $100 – Benjamin Franklin/ Independence Hall, $500 – William McKinley/, Hernando de Soto at the Mississippi River, $1000 – Grover Cleveland/ American Bald Eagle.

The Most Famous Currency in the World on your Poker Table!!!
The First Universally Recognized Poker Chip! A Terrific gift!
200 Custom Chips, Two Decks of Custom Playing Cards, and Carrying Case.
Complete Poker Set for Players of all Ages. Great for play, learning, and travel.
Presidents: Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, Franklin, McKinley, & Cleveland.


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