Trademark 750 Chip Nexgen Pro Classic Series Poker Set – Wood Case (Silver)


Full of vibrant colors the NexGen™ Pro Series Chips will look amazing on any gaming table! These 9 gram Las Vegas Style Chips are 39 mm diameter casino sized chips and are designed with the authentic casino style and unique edge spot design. The NexGen™ Pro Series Chip incorporates a unique process giving them the soft feel of a clay surface which makes them the most authentic poker chip available on the home gaming market. Additionally, this same process allows for multi-colored edge spots, resembling that of casino clay poker chips. They are full of vibrant colors that will look amazing on any gaming table.
These exclusive new chips were created by the use of the latest technology to produce the real sound and coloration of an actual Casino chip.
They were designed by and produced especially for our company and its subsidiaries.
These valuable chips are rare and will maintain or increase in value throughout the years


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