Trademark Shallow Black Plastic Poker Table Cup Holder for Tables


Durable Plastic The stakes are high. Your chips are high, but so is the pot. You’re holding a pair of Jacks with Queen high. And you’re detecting a bead of sweat making a line down your opponent’s face. Time to be cool and raise the stakes. You reach down to add another $3000 to the pot, not taking your eyes off your opponent’s, when, WHOOPS! You knock your drink over! So much for showing who’s cool. Don’t let this happen to you! Securely hold your drink in a Trademark Poker™ Cup Holder. Keep your beverage and chips in their proper place, by your side.
Made of black, durable plastic
Fits in the 10-21FOLD and 10-21TABLE
Depth: 1.125 inches
Inside diameter: 3.125 inches
Exterior diameter: 4.125 inches


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