Triple Out Darts Tournament Bristle Dartboard with 6 Regulation Steel Tip Darts


This Tournament Bristle Dartboard is perfect for game rooms, man caves, pool halls and more. Each board is standard regulation size, measuring 18 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches thick. Unlike traditional cork boards that leave holes every time a dart is thrown, this board is made from high-quality sisal fibers. The unique fibers appear to grow closed after the darts are removed, so your board will maintain its original appearance for years to come. Each board is tournament caliber and comes with a removable metal ring for easy rotation. Six brass-barrel, steel tip darts with flights are also included. Each dart weighs 11.3 grams. This Tournament Bristle Dartboard makes a great gift for any darts player, or someone who wants to bring a classic game to their rec room. High quality and affordable, this dartboard is sure to provide hours of entertainment.
Measures 18 Inch in diameter and 1.25 Inch thick
Made of high-quality sisal fibers
Includes six brass-barrel, steel tip darts
Great for rec rooms, man caves, pool halls and more


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